I began photography at GCSE level at Hatch End High School where I learnt how to use a film camera and processed the images in the dark room. Although I was pretty afraid of the dark, this was way more interesting than the other subjects at school. I always pestered my friends to model for me which was great fun!


I continued to study photography at A Level, then moved to the wonderful city, Bristol, to study at the University of the West of England. After graduating in 2015, I lived on a Greek Island photographing family portraits and water sports for Neilson Holidays. I have photographed many weddings, events, and secret marriage proposals. My favourite shoots have been Notting Hill Carnival, a Ethiopian Wedding in the mountains, and a spectacular four day Ismaili Wedding in London. 

I enjoy creating bold and colourful images. I capture natural moments of life happening around me, typically of people having a jolly good time! I get a little buzz when I find people doing amusing things; catching an adult picking their nose or a child taking a swig from a beer bottle when they think no one's watching!


I am now based in Harrow, North West London, where I was born. When I'm not shooting with my camera, I spend my time enjoying long walks, Irish pubs and boogieing on the dancefloor after a few bevs with the girls!


Feel free to get in touch to book or to chat about a project you have in mind.


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